About Us

Our Background

A modernized web hosting company

Cloudbase is a web hosting service provider based in Malaysia. Like many others, we ventured into this business by setting up our own dedicated servers in a data center facility. After a while, we decided to revamp and modernize our entire hosting environment by taking advantage of the cutting-edge infrastructure built by industry-leading cloud providers.

This allowed us to focus on growing the business as we no longer have to worry about the expensive cost associated with deploying and maintaining our own servers. More importantly, it gave us the opportunity to build a modern web hosting platform that offers high-performance, security protection and powerful features to help our customers in launching their websites.

Today, we are proud to be a 100% cloud-based company that is designed to scale along with the technological advances in the cloud computing industry. We will continue to introduce new and innovative services at affordable prices because we believe that our customers deserve the best value for money when hosting with us. Check out our pricing plans.

Our Philosophy

Build and they shall come

When Cloudbase was first started, we put a lot of thought on how to build the perfect hosting environment that was scalable and yet, friendly even as we were growing. It didn’t matter to us if we were not as big as other companies because we believe that the quality of our hosting and technical support speaks for itself, which is why our customers love hosting with us until today.

Our Expertise

Your trusted IT solutions partner

At Cloudbase, we offer more than just web hosting. Our technical capabilities include developing websites, software and mobile apps. Besides this, we also specialize in digital marketing, open-source integration and cyber security solutions. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with our range of expertise.

Are you looking for a career in web hosting?

We are constantly looking for new talents to join our team. If you are passionate about servers and programming, please contact us and send us your resume.